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About Energy Skills Scotland

Energy Skills Scotland (ESS) is a Scottish Government and industry initiative. We support Scotland’s energy sector by bringing together employers and education in collaboration to meet the skills demands of the industry, and to enhance the skills and prospects of energy workers in Scotland.

What we do – engaging with employers, industry bodies and education

We work with our partners to simplify access to the range of energy skills resources and support available within the public sector in Scotland.

We support employers to engage with education providers to make sure the skills being taught are those needed by the industry.

And we help employees by providing greater access to skills development and training in the energy sector.

How we do this

Our challenge is to ensure that the energy industry has a workforce with the skills that it needs.

So we:

  • Provide access to relevant sector data, skills services and training to support workforce planning and development
  • Promote the value of Modern Apprenticeships to employers, and provide access to funding
  • Promote opportunities in the sector for women and skilled personnel from other industries
  • Encourage employers to engage more effectively with education and academia to influence the supply of the right skills
  • Promote awareness of energy careers in schools, with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Work with education providers to enable curriculum and learning delivery to align with industry needs


Next step

We're keen to hear about your skills challenges and future skills needs in order to target resources efficiently. Email the team with your contact details and we look forward to working together to build a critical-talent pipeline for the sector.