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Most of Scotland’s renewable energy is currently generated from onshore wind and hydro, with a lesser amount from offshore wind, wave, tidal, biomass, solar, and geothermal. Scotland has an abundance of renewable resources, producing around 40% of our electricity in 2012. (Source: High Level Summary of Statistics Trend, The Scottish Government)

Commitment to the renewable sector

The Scottish Government has committed to increasing renewable energy generation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, vary the energy mix to provide greater security of supply, and give us more energy independence. As a result, it's expected that renewable power generation in Scotland will increase as we move towards the decarbonisation of the electricity industry.

Job opportunities and challenges

As capacity from renewable sources increases over the next decade, so too will the demand for a skilled labour force to support it. The challenges are to make clear to young people and career-changers what a career in the renewables sector could be, and to raise awareness of different job roles.

Knowledge and skills – courses, qualifications and information

In this section you find out about training and qualifications that are designed for the energy sector. Or use the skills directory to find out about other organisations that can help you.


These organisations can help you to address gaps in your workforce knowledge, or when you’re introducing new work processes and practices.

As new opportunities arise and people move on or retire, demand for skills and experience increases. Training workers with similar competencies in other industries is one way to plug the gap.

More employers across many industries are investing in Modern Apprentices. Younger employees bring new energy and diversity to your business, and their training means you have the right mix of skills flowing through your organisation’s talent pipeline.

These industry specific courses and qualifications cover essential skills and competencies in the renewables sector.

Keeping abreast of changes in qualifications, or employing people from the rest of the UK and Europe with different certificates, can be confusing. Visit Our Skillsforce for information on understanding qualifications